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Corel WordPerfect Office Suite X5 v15.0.0.512 Portable

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Posted by CyberDeviL on Minggu, 20 November 2011

Productivity software for home and business
Corel® WordPerfect® Office X5 - Standard Edition is the essential office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and email. Chosen over Microsoft® Office by millions of longtime users, it integrates the latest productivity software with the best of the Web. Work faster and collaborate more efficiently with all-new Web services, new Microsoft® Office SharePoint® support, more PDF tools and even better compatibility with Microsoft Office. It's everything you expect in an office suite—for less.

Do more file sharing
    Collaborate more easily with support for more than 60 file types, including ODF. Import and export the latest Microsoft Office files, including OOXML. Plus, share files quickly with the newly integrated email client.

Do more with PDFs
    Import, edit and publish PDFs without additional software. Annotate PDFs to easily share your comments and convert PDFs to reuse the content—no retyping required! Support for PDF/A means you can archive files for easy access when you need them.
Do more with tools that adapt to you
    Customize menus, shortcuts and toolbars to make the workspace suit your needs or switch to Microsoft Office Mode. Collaborate with others using PDF, SharePoint or Web services. Manage your email, contacts and schedule in one place.
Do more in less time
    Find the answers you need with the revamped Help system. Take control with tools like Reveal Codes and Make It Fit. Easily migrate macros, settings and templates.

Millions of people trust their most important work and ideas to WordPerfect Office because of its unique features, like Reveal Codes, Make It Fit and built-in PDF capabilities. With powerful new tools and bonus third-party apps, it offers an unrivaled productivity software experience.

More tools that make life easier
New! Web Services Integration
Automatically gather up-to-the second data from the Web every time you open a document. For example, create a report with updated stock prices, send out a real estate brochure that pulls in new MLS listings or publish daily weather reports.

New! Mozilla® Thunderbird® for WordPerfect® Office
This newly integrated email client and calendar offers a simplified, tabbed approach to emailing and powerful search tools that help you find any email faster. Load emails in separate tabs so you can quickly jump between them. Filter emails to pinpoint exactly what you're looking for. Plus, manage email from other sources, like Gmail™, all from one inbox.

New! Nuance® PaperPort® 12 SE
Scan, organize, search and share documents and photos quickly and easily. PaperPort 12 SE turns all sorts of documents—letters, tax forms, receipts, legal files, bills and more—into searchable PDFs, so you can easily keep track of important documents in one convenient location on your desktop. It's a great way to save money, reduce paper clutter and increase office productivity.

Enhanced! Built-in PDF Tools
WordPerfect Office X5 lets you do more with PDFs than any other office suite. Turn documents, spreadsheets and presentations into PDFs to share with colleagues and clients. Manage your documents and collaborate with others using new annotation tools. Plus, easily convert PDF documents to text to edit and reuse the content.

Enhanced! Migration
Upgrade from an older version of the suite to WordPerfect Office X5 with less effort and setup time than previous migrations. Even if menu commands have changed, you can import templates, customized menus, shortcuts and toolbars created in previous releases to WordPerfect Office X5 in a few clicks. Network administrators can also now easily update and reuse WordPerfect macros easily, even if your organization continues to use different versions of the application.

New! Reference Center
Make the most of your office software with built-in learning resources and support. The totally redesigned Help system puts all the tips, tutorials and answers right at your fingertips. There's even a section that links to the Help for the writing, spelling and grammar tools and tips for creating well-written, eye-catching documents and presentations.

New! Microsoft SharePoint Support
Boost productivity by simplifying everyday business activities across any group or organization. Now tightly integrated with WordPerfect Office, SharePoint Server eases the way people interact with content, processes and business data. Share knowledge, find information, and collaborate more easily and securely both within and across organizational boundaries.

Replace sensitive or confidential information with a black bar to ensure that the replaced text cannot be retrieved or revealed. This versatile feature can search a document for words and phrases to hide and automatically apply redaction marks. In addition, the redacted document can be saved to .doc, .pdf or .wpd format with the redacted text in place.

Reveal Codes
Easy to use, Reveal Codes gives you full control over document formatting, especially when copying and pasting text from various sources. In addition, double-clicking any code in the Reveal Codes window gives lets you make advanced alterations to the settings or styles.

Make It Fit
Sometimes there's just a little too much to say in a limited amount of space. Unique to WordPerfect, Make It Fit lets you select a block of text and instantly resize it to fit a specified number of pages. The tweaking is so subtle that formatting changes are not noticeable.

Customizable Workspace
Rather than force anyone to work a certain way, WordPerfect Office X5 offers easy-to-use customization settings that allow you to work in whatever way suits you best. Customize menus, shortcut keys and toolbars to your preferences, or switch to Microsoft Office Mode with a few easy clicks.

Get started quickly with this step-by-step guide that offers an array of project templates and helpful advice. When you start a PerfectExpert project, the PerfectExpert panel dynamically updates to provide advice and guidance specific to the task at hand.

Metadata Removal
Metadata is information that lurks within office productivity files, such as undo/redo history, reviewers' notes, hidden text and comments. WordPerfect Office X5 has a built-in feature that ensures you never get caught with this confidential or sensitive information in your documents.

More file format freedom
Enhanced! Microsoft® Office Compatibility
Open, edit and save Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® PowerPoint® files, including the latest OOXML versions (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx).

Support for More Than 60 File Formats
Famous for its unrivaled file format support, WordPerfect Office X5 continues to help you work with an impressive range of formats—from those created in the earliest days of word processing and spreadsheets to emerging standards.

Open Document Format (ODF)
Open and edit ODF word-processing files, the ISO-standard for storing and archiving documents.

More value
An All-in-one Office Software Solution
Why spend time and money looking for an office suite, redaction tools, PDF creation tools and PDF editing software when you can get it all in WordPerfect Office X5? The tight integration of all this productivity software makes for an smooth, time-saving, headache-free workflow.

Support for Emerging Standards
WordPerfect Office X5 supports the standards of tomorrow at today's price. Do you need to make the transition to Windows® 7? No problem! How about opening, editing and creating OOXML files? Done. Need a file-archiving solution that uses PDF/A, XML or another format? WordPerfect Office X5 is already there.

Free Online Support and Inexpensive Services
Regardless of your WordPerfect Office version, online support is free. Enjoy access to customization services, templates and professional support that helps you get the most out of your office suite.

Size: 308 MB

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