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MailShare v2.1.3 Portable

Posted by CyberDeviL
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Posted by CyberDeviL on Minggu, 29 Januari 2012

Mailshare is the newest program for file sharing technology or via peer2mail free mailboxes. This method of file sharing is much more secure than the direct method peer2peer file sharing. Maishare splits files into smaller parts called party. The individual pieces are sent to your email. After downloading all parts, they are merged into the original file.

This solution allows users to keep files in your mail and easily download them from any computer. Developers also took care Mailshare convenience and ease of use of the program.
The interface is friendly and the staff very intuitive. A wide number of options in the program facilitates the work of deciding Mailshare even novice users. Although Mailshare p2m client is the youngest on the Polish Internet scene is currently very popular. Thanks to the work of programmers and regular users Mailshare activity is constantly updated and expanded. With Mailshare anyone can easily and securely share their resources and files with your friends and family.

Size: 9.44 MB

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