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Runner's Studio v2.6.0.0 Portable

Posted by CyberDeviL
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Posted by CyberDeviL on Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Runner's Studio Running Log!
The Ultimate Software for Runners

Whether you are a seasoned runner or weekend jogger, Runner's Studio is the only running software you will ever need. Runner's Studio is more than your average running log. It offers a complete set of features and was designed to not only to help you maintain and track your running workouts, but encourage you as you train.

This new running software is full featured, customizable, and easy to use! Bring excitement and motivation back into your running workout by using Runner's Studio software today.

Countless Features
    Running Log - Filter, Sort, Customize, and quickly Analyze your training runs. Supports miles or kilometers input
    Multi-Sport Log - Track more than running workouts. Keep a record of your biking, swimming, roller blading, snowboarding activies... and more!
    Personal Bests - Automatically tracks personal bests for both Training Workouts and Race Results
    Statistics - View lifetime stats or Analyze run performance by week, month, or year
    Graphs - Numerous graph options includes graphs by distance, pace, time ran, heart rate monitoring, and type of runs
    Printing - Customize and print your training log, race history, calendar, charts, and journal
    Goal Tracking - Numerous graph options includes graphs by distance, pace, time ran, heart rate monitoring, and type of runs
    Mega Goals - So you have run 200 miles, 500 miles, or even 1000 miles? How far is that exactly? Setup a mega goal to put that distance into perspective... and have fun doing so! Plot your distance ran along several predefined routes through the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe.
    Complete Racing History - Automatically track your race history and personal bests. Tell Runner's Studio about upcoming races and let it count down the days to the big race for you!
    Garmin Data Import - Import GPS data captured from your Garmin Forerunner via a Garmin Training data export. (View GPS runs easily using Google Earth.) Also, import training and race entries you have stored in other programs via text delimited import as well.
    Polar Data Import - Import heart rate data acquired with your Polar watch. Quickly import .hrm files and then view detailed heart rate charts to analyze your run.
    Customizable Training Planner - Create and plan training workouts in seconds. Create common workouts and add them to your caledar with a click of a button.
    Post to Facebook - Share your training activities, upcoming races, and completed races directly on Facebook!
    Run Journal - Journal feature allows you to log your thoughts and experiences for your training workouts and races. Have trouble journaling? Runner's Studio gives you a set of ideas to quickly add to your journal so you can being to write.
    Share Workouts - Runner's Studio allows you to share your outstanding workouts (for fun or accountbility!) with your friends via graphical email. View Sample Email.
    Track Shoe Wear - Keep track of the distance ran on your shoes. Records notes and rate your running shoes for future use.

System Requirements:
    Runner's Studio is a Windows® desktop application. You will need to download and install this application on your computer.
    Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, and Windows® 7
    Microsoft .Net® Framework 4.0.
    25mb free disk space

Size: 13.8 MB

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