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MediaChance Dynamic PHOTO HDR v6.01b Portable

Posted by CyberDeviL
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Posted by CyberDeviL on Minggu, 15 Maret 2015

Many times you see a beautiful scene and of course you snap a picture! The result is often far from being the magical scene you carry in your head.

Our eyes are very adaptive and they are also more sensitive to intensity than color. It is estimated that our eye can see over a dynamic range of nearly 24 f-stops while a digital camera can capture a dynamic range around 6 to 9 f-stops.

he High Dynamic Range Imaging is a set of techniques that has been developed nearly 20 years ago to overcome the limitations of electronic devices by combining multiple exposures into one great looking image.
Easy to understand software with fast results
Powerful Auto-Aligning, Manual or Auto-Assist Aligning of images with an innovative Pin Warping that can correct all types of misalignment, including camera roll, pitch or yaw
Anti-ghosting mask that can completely eliminate ghosting of moving objects
Various tone mapping procedures that can create a whole range of images - from smooth photographic tone mapping to very dramatic images
Very fast preview of the mapping
Load and save HDR files
Works with most RAW camera formats
Support for 360 Panoramic images
Live HDR preview during various steps, you can see tonemapped image preview even before you create HDR!
Dynamic Photo HDR has already few very interesting build-in filters for Orton Effect or to create eye-catching B/W photos.
You can use new FITYMI Pseudo-HDR process on a single 8-bit source (available in the full version)
More cool effects such as Vignette or Mysterious light.
Match Color will allow you to match your new tonemapped image to any other photo or painting.

32Bit (Size: 25.5 MB)
Download from MirrorCreator.com

64Bit (Size: 26.1 MB)
Download from MirrorCreator.com

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