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Uyanık TV Box Edition - Android

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Posted by CyberDeviL on Rabu, 29 Juli 2015

Uyanık TV Box Edition - Android
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An application has been designed specifically for Android TV boxes wince TV channels you can watch both live and backward. You will not miss your favorite TV programs. Because Awake TV Box Edition has the ability to show the last 24 hours of broadcasting of channels supported. 24DV supported channels are marked with tags. You can watch the live broadcast only if the other channels.

  • 24-hour DVR (Watch undo)
  • watching the broadcast to see the flow

How do I track the last 24 hours?Only 24DV logo tag which can be viewed channels in the last 24 hours. When touching the screen while watching the TV control menu appears. The broadcasting of the TV channel When the menu icon is clicked brought. By clicking on a program published in the last 24 hours you can start watching the broadcast stream. If the program starts from the top bar to the desired location (slider) or 60s forward / backward buttons is made with fine tuning.

  •  24DV are SUBSCRIPTION: 24 hours back to use the rewind feature in the application you must subscribe to the service. You can also use the application and you will not see ads in TV Guide with all the functions.

  •  CONTACT US: in the top right corner of the application "?" You can help us by pushing in from the icon page.

WARNING: Adding awake channels and is entitled to take. Over time, the number of channels may vary.

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